Eminem Rapture Tour

Marshall Bruce Mathers, better known by his stage name Slim Shady or Eminem toured around Oceania, South Africa, and England in 2014. This was called the Rapture Tour, however – it was not just Eminem touring solo, he was accompanied by many other famous artists/rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Action Bronson, when in Oceania he was also accompanied by local rapping sensations, 360 and David Dallas.

But who is Eminem, and why is he so famous?

Eminem is hugely famous, and has a huge following all across the world, which is part of the reason why he tours all around the globe. This is partly due to the unique nature, and influence he had on the hip-hop/rap industry in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, some of his hit songs, such as My Name Is, Real Slim Shady and Without Me are hugely important, and are often referred to as the best rap songs of the 21st Century. The sheer speed he can rap at is addictive, allowing listeners to almost be hypnotised by his music.

Some also believe that Eminem is famous due to his bad background, when growing up he had a hard life, and was living in poverty – this is the reason for the dark nature in some of his songs, however because he persevered and worked hard his whole life, he made it as a rapper, and now owns a huge mansion, and has no money problems. He also had an extremely rough relationship with his mother.

Rapture Tour

The Tour was largely successful, earning nearly $7,000,000 in revenue on the first day, by the end of the tour the overall revenue was estimated at over $30,000,000. The tour was a total of 7 shows, in Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and London. The most successful concert was Melbourne, earning over $7,000,000 in revenue alone, with over 50,000 fans in attendance.

Many critics who attended the tour were highly impressed by the true musical talent and the nature of the show, with Darren Levin referring to the show as a “top notch hip hop talent” and that Eminem hasn’t lost the talent that made him so popular with teenagers in the 2000’s. Chris Schulz also commented on the show, calling it breath-taking, and an extremely loud show from start to finish, however there were numerous complaints about 360’s rapping skills. Later on in 2014, he also did another tour named “The Monster Tour” in the USA, this sold out 100% of all seats at all the venues, and earned over $36,000,000 in revenue.

Who are Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Action Bronson?

While Kendrick Lamar may not have as large of a following as Eminem, or be as influential – he is still regarded as one of the most popular modern rappers, releasing a huge amount of songs that have made it into the Top 40 Music Charts, such as Blacker the Berry.

J.Cole also has recently found fame, he was first noticed in around 2007 (the exact year is disputed) – however, he is largely famous for someone who is only 31 years old. A number of his hip-hop songs have also made it into the charts.

Action Bronson is also less known than Eminem, however his following has being slowly growing over the past few years, he’s an American Rapper born in 1983, and has released a large number of popular albums, including Mr Wonderful.

What makes this tour so successful?

Many Music Tours simply fail, this is because the team who are responsible for planning the tour, and the sets are incapable, however due to the large fame of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Action Bronson, the seats sold out within days – ensuring that it would be a successful show. It was also heavily advertised weeks before tickets were even made available to the public, this built up the anticipation, so as soon as tickets were made live, keen fans instantly bought the tickets.

Facts about Eminem:

  • His own mother sued him because of the line “My mother does more dope than I do” in the hit song “My Name Is.”
  • The album Recovery was the bestselling album worldwide in 2010.
  • If you wanted to be signed to the record label, Shady Records, you have to rap battle Eminem.
  • He also failed 9th Grade 3 times before dropping out.
  • He has also won 13 Grammys.
  • Eminem recorded all 3 verses of Lose Yourself in one take.
  • He has also been reported dead a total of 5 times, four times from a car crash, and once from a drug overdose.
  • Eminem’s Problems

    Eminem has had a rough life, with family, legal problems, and also a large drug problem. During the late 90’s, Eminem was addicted to prescription drugs such as Vicodin, Ambien and Valium. He has also suffered from insomnia, while recording 8 Mile, in which he was working non-stop for around 16 hours a day. His drug problems slowly increased, up until a point where he was taking around 60 Valium a day, and around 30 Vicodin, he also began to put on weight, reaching a peak weight of around 100kg.

    However, he turned his life around by 2008, when he was fully sober, Elton John acted as a mentor for Eminem, calling him once a week and encouraging him to keep going, and not to take drugs.


    Eminem has recorded a huge amount of albums, however he has also had his fair share of limelight within the TV & Film Industry too, and he was even featured in the video game 50 Cent: Bulletproof as Detective McVicar!


    Regardless of whether you love or hate Eminem, you can’t deny that he lives an incredible life, and that after all he has been through, he constantly turns his life around, and is one of the most influential artists within the music industry today.